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I’m hoping someone could tell me if it’s possible to modify the margins at the bottom of an invoice? I’ve setup my Registered address etc in the PDF footer… But there’s a huge gap at the bottom of the page. I know it’s a really picky thing, but there’s about 2-3 lines wasted space at the bottom of the page where i could add more rows… It also looks incredibly unprofessional… Is there any way to move that PDF footer down a bit?.. or am i just being stupid? :wink:

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There will always be lines gap and your invoice looks OK, even better put website address at bottom and any trade related logos instead of registered address duplication

I was thinking the same thing… but i was under the impression that the invoices had to have the registered address specifically pointed out as the registered address along with the Companies registration number?. I have since modified it quite a bit anyway. Because i realised it didn’t fit in a windowed envelope correctly (It does now :D).

Could i just get away with having the Companies house registration number somewhere up in the right corner then as my registered address and trading address are the same?

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Yes you can show company number at due date rows section

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Thank you… That will make the design a lot Neater :slight_smile:

With some help from Glenn (and i must say, Quickfile is Really impressive… No fees for software and 1000x more helpful than sage :D) i have solved my OCD with the footer.

For others with mild OCD… In the PDF footer area of the invoice designer, Glenn fixed it by simply adding 5 New lines with a blank space






Registered Office ... blah blah blah

and hey pretso… Much Better!.. As Glen said it’s definately a hack… But If it works… I’m happy with a hack :smiley:

Thank you so much glenn… Here is the current version of the invoice (also with spacing to fit address in windowed envelopes :slight_smile: )

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