Meaningless Reports

Hi All

I have finally linked all of my purchases/sales up to a state we can start to pull some information out.

However when going to reports such as my ‘Profit & Loss’ i see that i have £0 again my cost of goods sold. As far as i am concerned my cost of goods sold is stock i buy in to resell.

So i put my stock purchases down as “Stock”.

I think they need to go under “Packaging” or “General Sales” to show up in this report but i have literally hundreds of invoices to edit, is there anyway to do this in bulk?

You can move things in bulk using this button here under the Chart of Accounts. However, what I don’t know is how this would affect your reports (e.g. I don’t know if they would appear as todays date or not). I’ve never used it.

Stock is a balance sheet items so it wouldn’t show up on the P&L. If these purchases are for items that are being sold on a short turnaround, then you’re better off posting them to ‘General Purchases’ which is a P&L code.

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