Merging 2 Clients

Can you help me merge two clients please?

Hi @mikesavage

As above, can you PM further details please?

Certainly, I don’t have a PM button on your avatar though

Thank you for your help

Thank you mathew,

Details removed from public view

Most grateful

Good Morning I have 2 clients that need merging, can you help with this please? Thank you

Hi @eftlizzie

This feature was actually added to accounts a little while ago.

If you go to the client that you wish to be the final one (e.g you wish to merge another client into this one), click ‘More Options’ and select ‘Merge Client Record’:

It will give you a few options and guide you through the process.

Hope that helps!

Here’s a link to the original announcement for anyone interested:

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That is brilliant. I must have missed the update. Thank you so much I have now tidied up all the accounts. Have a good day.


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