Merging 2 Clients


I have a client record that was created last year and it looks as though there was a mistake in the name and I have gone back to rectify it which has caused it to duplicate the record. I now have 2 clients with the same details and I want to merge them together - how can I do this please?

Unfortunately you can’t, not without removing and re-adding all the invoices. Please see the post further down, this is now possible.

I think it would be useful to at least have some merge tool the admins can use to sort out these problems. I remember something similar happened with another user several months ago.

I will add this to our development plan but I’m afraid it’s not something we are able to resolve in the next few days. How many invoices are on each client?

Its just one client and there are 3 old invoices with history and one I have sent this morning. If its not available now to merge these, how do you alter a clients name etc without creating a new client name (mistakes happen) or in the case when I invoice a client and they say it has to be sent to a different client?

In the client detail screen click the button Modify Client Details.

You can then modify the client’s name here:

And those wont make a duplicate client? Because this is what I thought I had done. Never mind I will await your improvement to being able to merge information. Is there a way of blocking one of the accounts so that it isn’t used?

All you’re doing is changing the name of the client. So just append (Don't use) to the client name so you can distinguish the two.

Oh yes that’s a good idea! Thank you for your help.

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We are now testing a client merge facility. It’s on our admin side so not available in the main application as yet. If anyone needs to merge two client records please get in touch and we will collect some additional information and arrange this for you.

Hi Glenn,

I just realised I need to merge two clients. Can you help?


@AsherJac I will send you a private message to get the information needed.

Hi I would like to merge 2 clients together, they have been set up twice, different names but same companies and invoices have been issued on both. I read your information above and it said to contact you. Thank you I’ll await your reply.
Thank you

@Glenn Could you do merge 2 clients please? I manually created a client and paid the invoice as a test. I’ve now imported the full client list, so I’ve duplicated the test client. Infuriatingly, I used incorrect account number / name when manually creating the client. There is only 1 invoice to transfer.

Hi @ugm6hr, I’ll send you a private message on this forum to get some more details.

Need updated information on how to combine two supplies or two clients files. Does anyone have this information to hand. Rather urgent at the moment. Many thanks.

Hi @Margaretdejong, I will send you a private message to get the required information.

Thank you for your prompt rely.

Can I have details on how to merge clients please?

Hi @Jacqueline_Ardron

This feature is only available on our side of the system. Are you able to send me a private message with a few details please (click my avatar and select message)? Would need your account number and the names of the clients you wish to merge, including which one you want to be the new one if possible please?

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