Merging 3 different accounts into one

Hello All

I’ve currently got 3 Quickfile Accounts and want to merge them all into one.

Do any of you clever and tech savvy people out there have a quick fix before I have a meltdown?

Thanks in advance…

Hi @JMWasteManagement

What data are you looking to merge? What’s the difference between the 3 accounts - are they all the same business for example?

Hi there, all of the current outstanding balances - We’ve merged three seperate branches of the same company under one name now - I dont use the account for tax returns etc, its all purely for Invoicing and Credit Control purposes…

There’s no simply way to merge accounts. I’m afraid it would be a case of exporting the data from one account and importing into the other.

When merging accounts you have the problem of invoice number reconciliation. If you have invoices in the different accounts with the same number there’s no easy way to reconcile this.

What I would try to do personally is just import the outstanding invoices and journal in any opening balances you need. Unfortunately it’s a bit of a manual job!

Ok, thats fine,I didnt think so !!

thanks very much Glen - could you give me a “Dummys Guide” on how import and journal?

Hi @JMWasteManagement

There’s a few guides on the forums that may be useful for you:

There’s a brief step-by-step guide here for opening balances, although this relates to mainly bank accounts. However, the concept would be the same.

I hope that helps, but please let me know if you need any further help! :slight_smile:

Great stuff, thanks very much !

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