Message not appearing since changing email address

Ive recently changed my log in email to reflect my rebranding and although customers can send me messages they are not always appearing in the message centre - there is only the new email address on the QuickFile system as admin so why can’t i see these messages

Hi @Hunnypot

Can I just clarify how your clients are sending you messages please? For example, are they replying to a “New Invoice” email or using the “Send Message” option in the account?

Via new invoice on the whole

The way these emails now work is they can reply to them directly (which is a unique email address for your account), and they are re-routed to you.

If you’re not receiving these, and you know they have replied to them, please let me know and we can move this into a private message and get some more details.

Could also be they have SMTP set up and replies are going to their old address?

Quite right @Lurch.

@Hunnypot - Do you use a custom SMTP set up on your account?

Yes I’m gusting the emails to the old email account but they are not appealing in the messages in the system which is were they used to be before I change my admin email and I’m not getting a city to my new email account either

Not that I know of as I’ve not set one up

I think we may be on about different features here, as replies to emails have never gone to the internal messaging system.

Just to confirm, your clients are replying to an email you’ve sent them through QuickFile (such as a new invoice email or similar)?

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