Metro Bank Feed No option to refresh

Since 9th March my bank feed has frozen, also noticed before that happened that a few transactions were being missed from the feed also.

No option to manually refresh either , it has disapeared from the drop down menu

Hi @bigeventdrapery

The feed would have been a Yodlee bank feed, which was discontinued on 14th March as part of a legislation change. There’s more information on this here: Update on Yodlee Bank Feeds

Regarding Metro specifically, we’re more than happy to support a Metro Bank Open Banking feed (which is like Yodlee, but more secure and is a direct link to the bank). However, Metro doesn’t offer one. There’s further information on this here: Update regarding Metro Bank and Co-op Bank

So basically, im stuck with no bank feed for the foreseeable future then ???

How does that help me???

I would say that i’m not receiving the service i am paying for then ???

What are my options then please for now ???



In the first instance, I highly recommend letting your bank know how this affects you and your business. As soon as Metro introduces an Open Banking compatible feed, we’ll support it. In fact, we’ve been pushing for a feed with Metro for quite some time.

I will send you a private message to get some account details from you, so we can discuss how the bank feed is being used etc. You should see a green notification in the top right corner shortly.

It’s disappointing for us too. As I have said before, if they had an Open Banking feed we’d have implemented it within 2 days. The majority of banks in the UK do now have Open Banking compatible feeds, but a few weren’t able to get it ready in time, or felt that it was not a priority.

I would second Mathew in saying that it is definitely worth raising it with Metro. If enough people raise the issue we may see some progress.

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