Metro Bank refresh feed not importing all transactions

I have integrated the bank feed for Metro Bank and it worked for a while. It started failing i a few weeks ago. It stopped importing every morning. Now whenever i refresh the Bank Feed it only finds the last couple of transactions or the same day transactions.
How can correct the bank feed?!

Hi @portuguesestory

If you go to More Options >> Refresh Bank Feed, does this complete successfully? Are you prompted for any codes (such as a pass code) during this process?


I have just done refresh bank feed (again), while it is trying to update i read the correct balance on the pop up window, and then it finishes saying no transactions were found.
However none of the transactions from 5th March until 18th of March are showing on quickfile.

Just to confirm, when you manually refresh the feed, what date are you entering?

it does not request any information. I do not type anything. I only click refresh

When you go through the refresh process after a while (before saying there are no transactions available), it will prompt you for a date to start from. When it gets to this stage if you change the date to, for example, 5th March, any missing transactions should be imported for you.

It worked.
However why did the automatic refresh (import) stopped during this time? I noticed that this evening one transaction was updated, but for more than 2 weeks it stopped importing.

Some times the bank will require more information (e.g. an updated pass code), so if you do notice it stopping for a period, I would manually refresh it, and if needed, it would prompt you for the details then.

Of course, if you do notice this for a few days running, then by all means get in touch with us and we’ll check it out for you.

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