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Mettle bank not appearing in the available bank feed list

the knowledge base says there is a feed to mettle, so I signed up.

but when I add a bank, mettle does not appear in the list.

@QFMathew - can you help? I see you’ve switched this on for people before.

Hi info_artofglass.uk
I can see Mettle in the list

but get the message that the bank doesn’t respond and that their server is maybe down. It is maybe worth to wait a while or to contact the bank directly after the weekend.

I don’t get that, it goes from Lloyds to Monzo.

checked again today, it isn’t there. It must be an issue within QuickFile.

Yes, that’s weird. I got it on my account. The quickfile team will be back tomorrow and should be able to help. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful

Hi @info_artofglass.uk

There is a feed but we have to add you to the testers list to be able to see it - we have spoken to the development team and asked whether they could move it so that it is available to everyone.

It’s not a problem though, if you could confirm whether you use the same email address for your QuickFile account as you do for the forum then I can locate your account and add you to the list and you’ll see Mettle as an option the same way that @rhc does

Yes I use the same email address. Thank you.



This should now be enabled on your account, you may need to log out and back in again for it to take affect.