Midata format support

In my HSBC personal account, there is now the option to download the previous 12 months transactions “in the midata standard format”. Does QuickFile support this?

I’d not heard of midata, read up a little bit about it here, it seems it was introduced for price comparisons.

What are the advantages over CSV, QIF, OFX?

Hi Glenn. I’ve just dug a little. It downloads the previous 12 months as a CSV sheet, so it’s no different to downloading individual statements as far as QF’s concerned. Could be useful for people to be aware of if they’re just setting QF up.

Although, having said that, it only shows one-off transactions, not DDs, Interest Charges, etc. so probably not much use after all!

If it were a complete record of all transactions covering 12 months it would be useful.

Anyway I will leave the thread open, should the format change in the future.