Migrating VAT number to new Limited Company Problem

Back in April, we changed our Partnership to a Limited Company, and requested Customas move our VAT number to the Limited Company.

At the same time, I started a new Quickfile account for the Limited company, and started new accounts from May1st. Due to Covid Backlogs, Customs now tell me it could be 180 days to migrate the VAT number accross to the Limited Company.

I cannot create a VAT return in Quickfile, as HMRC hasnt yet migrated the number which is stored on my new Quickfile account, when i try to create one, I get an error messgage. The Customs Helpdesk suggested I use the Old Partnership details to send in my VAT return. However, I cant see a way to do this, to amend the original settings to the OLD HMRC Gateway Login.

Any help apprected as I have to file int he next few days. Many thanks

Hi @tcmarket

You should be able to remove any links with HMRC and then connect again using the old details if that is what HMRC have suggested?

I did this in March, from sole trader to limited company. After a month or so I contacted HMRC. They said that there was a 150 day backlog on transfers but that the vat number could stil be operated. It’s only the name assigned to the vat number that changes when you do the transfer

So for my return in July, I simply loged into my HMRC account and entered the box numbers manually.

Then a few weeks ago, I got notification that my VAT account had been transferred to my limited company. I was then able to set up MTD.

Given that you applied about a month after I did, your transfer should happen quite soon, hopefully.

I should have said that I used my old sole trader quickline account to generate invoices, so I was still able to create vat reports, which I then entered into the HMRC manual return.

For annual accounts, I then duplicated the invoices in my limited company quickfile account.

Hope that makes sense.

great Many thanks, Ive done that with my old Partnership details, and all went Well unusually !!

Appreciate the information,

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