Mileage Tracker

Is there an App that can be used with Quickfile to track mileage and automatically update to Quickfile?

Hi @Ian_Griffiths

We don’t supply an app directly, but there may be something compatible. I’ll leave this thread open for other users to put their suggestions forward :slight_smile:

This has been open some time (20 months)… I have recently been using an app that auto tracks mileage on (Android or iOS) MileIQ, but that comes at £4.99 a month as my Office 365 subscription doesn’t give it free. All journey are recorded and you swipe left for private, right for business. Have also looked expensify, which has same function for same price but also offers a scanning of receipts for a “whole” expense package (and strikes me as a more elegant package that the expenses solution on offer in quickfile). Both link into Xero and Quickbooks.

Whilst I can do expenses - a link to a mileage tracker would be beneficial, m’thinks and by linking with expensify offers a complete expenses package (inc reconciliation of cards at a higher level of subscription and auto approval of expenses for employees for larger orgs. Might I offer the opinion, that such functionality would be highly beneficial…

I did a quick search for “Expensify”, but we have not yet received any requests to integrate with this service.

I will certainly log your interest, although I would suspect those integrations from Expensify to Xero are developed by Expensify natively (at least based on their integrations page) and they would need to be initiated from their side, rather than ours.

You miss the point - expensify is not “THE” app, but an app that is providing similar function of a minimum of GPS mileage tracking (eg MileIQ) and ideally a better expenses app, with mileage, such as expensify.