Miscellaneous Expenses - what is this category for?

I’ve been using this expenses category in the same way for the past 10 years. This year my accounts person is asking me to move everything out of Mis Exp into other categories.

So, where do I allocate the following sorts of items please:

  • the purchase of client contracts (I have to buy a services agreement for all new projects)
  • the purchase of ordinance survey maps (expensed back to clients)
  • the purchase of product samples (tiles, oil finishes, etc)
  • eye testing


Hello @kba

As the support team are not registered accountants this is not something we can advise on.

It would be up to yourself or your accountant which codes you wish to use

If it is just a case of you wanting to split the transactions in the Mis Exp code you could create new nominal codes if there aren’t any which suit your needs.

This category should only be used for small, one-off expenses that don’t easily fit into another category. If your “accounting person” is asking you to move everything, go back and ask them where they recommend you allocate such expenses. All the expenses you mention sound like “cost of sales” type expenditure, but you don’t say what your business is so it’s difficult to categorise.

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