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Hi, I’m new to the UK and to Quickfile. I’m a self employed estate agent working on commission only basis with a local agency. We previously used Quickbooks in AU when we owned a real estate office in Sydney.

Many of my purchases now are small petty cash type expenses (cutting keys / stationery / parking / coffees etc), which I pay for using a Debit card, but it seem unwieldy to have to enter a supplier for each tiny expense. Is it acceptable to have a “misc” supplier for petty expenses like that?
In AU and using QB we had a supplier named “parking” and all parking receipts went in there - our Accountant was happy with that as long as the expense was under the ?something? limit of $85.00. Anything over $85 had to have a nominated supplier.
Mant thanks Guy

Hello @GuyPlace

It would work from a processing point of view.

Please be aware the support team are not accountants. I would consult your own accountant prior to processing in this way for professional tailored advice.

The question you should ask yourself is if HMRC came calling and asked you to find the record, and most importantly the original (or scanned) receipt, for a particular purchase, would you be able to find it quickly and easily? At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter too much how you organise your records in QuickFile as long as you can always find the original evidence - the invoice or receipt that the supplier sent you.

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