Mishap with gocardless

We have had a very strange issue
we have an existing client on Gocardless who we invoice £x,xxx every month (Client A)
we onboarded a new small client who we will invoice £xxx every month (Client B). We sent them a gocardless link which they setup up promptly.

I saw the email notification that Client B had setup their direct Debit and tonight went to set up their invoices. I noticed their was no Direct Debit setup so I went in to Gocardless and located Client B and discovered a invoice for Client A was being paid by Client B luckily this was a small amount and not one of the £x,xxx invoices.

I cancelled Client B mandate and sent them a new link. However I am so confused as to how one client Client A could have 2 mandates. I can not even get the referral link for Client A

I’ve maybe worked out what happened

Care to share incase others find the same problem?

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