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Mismatch between invoice and refund

I sold an Ebay item, which I logged using the normal invoice process. However, I had to refund the amount around two weeks later, and (for some reason) Ebay claimed a few pence more from my account when processing the refund back to the customer. So now when I try to account for the refund in Quickfile I get the message ‘No qualifying sales invoice could be found to refund against. Make sure the corresponding invoice has been logged before you attempt to process this refund.’

How can I deal with this in Quickfile in a way that doesn’t mess up my actual bank transactions?

You’ll have to raise the credit note from the invoice itself (More Options > Credit Note) to be able to adjust the amount then you can tag the bank transaction to it.

Thanks for the reply, but when I try to do that I just get ‘The Credit Note amount cannot exceed the value of the original payment (82.21)’

Or raise a purchase but enter it as a negative value.

Quickfile really is a pain with refunds, as I have mentioned once or twice!

Hi. Thanks again. This was a pain! What I ended up doing was creating a negative invoice to the customer, with the refund on one line and the discrepancy on another. When I saved it, it created a new bank transaction for the correct amount, I then had to delete the original transaction that came in via the automated feed – hate doing that, but it seemed the only way. Very messy.

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