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Post credit note directly to account (not to specific invoice)


Quickfile handles credit notes completely differently to an invoice whereas as far as I am concerned they are exactly the same when used on a supplier credit account, the balance of the account simply goes up or down depending on whether it is a credit note or invoice. I don’t necessarily want to attach a credit note to a purchase invoice, I just want to have it adjust the suppliers account balance.

Credit notes as they function now work fine for posting against a single cash invoice refunded in full, anything else can be a headache, especially when dealing with supplier credit accounts (like an energy supplier or wholesaler etc).

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How do I enter a credit note for various purchases


Thank you for putting this suggestion forward, we will leave this post open to see how much interest we get from others :slight_smile:


I totally agree. A credit not should not be posted as a refund in the bank (or any similar account). When can this be resolved?