Post credit note directly to account (not to specific invoice)

Quickfile handles credit notes completely differently to an invoice whereas as far as I am concerned they are exactly the same when used on a supplier credit account, the balance of the account simply goes up or down depending on whether it is a credit note or invoice. I don’t necessarily want to attach a credit note to a purchase invoice, I just want to have it adjust the suppliers account balance.

Credit notes as they function now work fine for posting against a single cash invoice refunded in full, anything else can be a headache, especially when dealing with supplier credit accounts (like an energy supplier or wholesaler etc).



Thank you for putting this suggestion forward, we will leave this post open to see how much interest we get from others :slight_smile:

I totally agree. A credit not should not be posted as a refund in the bank (or any similar account). When can this be resolved?

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I’ve discovered this is also a duplicate of this popular feature request from way back when;

Now to find the feature request for better handling of feature requests!


Good luck with this, but don’t hold your breath.

Why the concept of a purchase with a negative rather than positive figure so difficult I don’t understand.

You can add a credit note in via purchase entry but it’s the instance of dealing with the financial element of the transaction at that point in time that is just plain wrong when you’re dealing with a supplier that offers you a credit account.

Sometimes it might be 60 days until the credit is used against a payment to a supplier so I can have the physical credit note kicking around on my desk for that time, then when I need it I have to find it!

Whilst we’re at it why do credit notes appear on the transactional list with a supplier but your payments do not?

Feature request: Both supplier accounts and customer accounts should operate as a transactional account and show those transactions just like a bank account does.


Hi @aos

Thank you for your suggestion. We do actively review open feature requests and happily take a look at those with interest in more detail. Sometimes for various reasons, some requests aren’t feasible for us to implement, but we will update threads to let those interested, know.

I’m not sure I follow here, but if you could start a #support thread with a few more details, we’ll take a look for you.

This isn’t going to be a straight forward change, especially when we have accounts with more client and suppliers than there are nominals.

But, we can certainly review it in more detail to see what would exactly be involved. Would you mind starting a new #feature request thread for this so we can track the interest?

By transactional I just mean what info it displays. NOT that it becomes a nominal account.

Currently if you view all purchases for a supplier the purchase invoices and the credits are shown yet payments made do not.

Invoices go from unpaid to paid, credit notes appear when they’ve been allocated against an invoice yet payments do not I wondered if it’d be possible to show those aswell so there was a complete audit trail of transactions in one place.

It’s connected but not the same as the OP issue so I’ve raised a feature request for this.

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I actually made a comment somewhere else on this and I can see why it would be difficult to rewrite the entire credit note section of Quickfile but the more I look at it that isn’t the solution. I think that what is needed here is a a totally new way of dealing with suppliers that offer credit accounts. The current credit note feature isn’t wrong or broken, it works fine for cash purchases, it’s just no good for credit accounts.

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I’m going to count this as another vote also.

Any further news on this? Still such a basic omission that causes me pain every time I use it. I dread going into the wholesalers to return items as I know I have to do some PITA long winded workaround every time I get the credit note.

Hi @Lurch

There are no updates here I’m afraid. We will be sure to let you know if anything changes.

My temporary solution to my situation

I have found a way that works in my situation. But it might not work for everyone.
One one tab i have receipt hub open and read the info from here.
On a second tab i do the following:

  1. I go to my supplier outstanding invoices which still needs paying,
    2 go to an unpaid invoice of the same month you need to credit(or reduce the statement total) click on view,
    3 Click more,
    4 click credit note
    5 Enter Supplier CN reference
    6 Enter CN date
    7 Change description
    8 delete amount and put in CN amount
    9 Save,

Go back to tab 1 and
1 input the negative amount
2 click or press tab - This should now bring up the CN you have just created on Tab 1 and MATCH.

You can then go back to the outstanding invoices on the supplier screen and you’ll see the CN’s have now appeared.

This is a temporary workaround for people in my situation - but i still would like this process to be made so much simpler by just adding a CREATE CN from the supplier tab!

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That’s pretty much what I do (when I remember, as there’s so much info in my head already!) but I dread trying to teach anyone else how to do it as it disrupts the flow.

Turns out this doesn’t work either. I have applied the credit note to the invoice but when I go to tag the payment to the supplier from the bank account the balances are all wrong on the invoice screen. The purchase invoice total is shown, not the balance so I don’t know whether tagging the payments will add a credit to the account or whether it will all tally up again. The amounts are correct on the purchase management screen, just again somewhere behind the scenes Quickfile is doing something that on the face of it makes sense but actually breaks something else.

And again, this is not something I want to keep having to teach other people how to do as it disrupts the workflow. If I don’t know what will happen I expect other people using my account will have even less of an idea.

I knew this was going to happen again, yet again I’ve returned some unused items to a supplier and now want to punch a wall when I’ve got to inserting them into Quickfile. I almost didn’t bother returning the items knowing the pain that was coming!

I have a credit note for an item on an unpaid invoice but I can’t add it to Quickfile as it won’t show me anything other than paid invoices. This is core functionality, it needs to be higher up the priority list.

So you’d go to that unpaid invoice and do “more options -> credit note”, which should let you reduce the unpaid balance.

All well and good but not being able to do it from the receipt huub just makes it more of a hassle than it needs to be. I have to go through each credit note individually, note down the details and then manually create the credit note to be able to go back and attach the original document.

I think most of QF users would like to have the feature as you explained but not many bothered to vote to push the developers to implement it. The request to vote should be sent to every forum member pro-actively from QF other wise we wouldn’t know that some one created a Feature Request.