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Allocate refund to credit note

Mine does this as well. I now leave tagging transaction until a few days old bevause of this

It seems this discussion ended in the benk feed issue.

I am still wondering if QF will be able to add ‘allocate to credit note’ option on the client refund tagging screen?

It makes sense to have this option on this screen. I really hope QF will give this a consideration…
Thank you

Hi @Sameera

Like all feature requests, we’re happy to investigate the feasibility of them if there’s enough interest from the community. Your thread is in the right category, so all I can suggest for the moment is to watch this space.

Thank you.

thanks for some hope on this…

This would be a nice addition for me too, seems it should be relatively straightforward to add an option where if the selected client/supplier has any prepayments (which in the QuickFile data model includes credit notes held on account) then you can tag a transaction as a “refund balance”. Though I guess it’s trickier if the amount you want to tag us more than any single credit/prepayment as then you’d have to link one transaction to more than one payment record.

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Thanks for your support Ian :slight_smile:

in simple terms, i think It would mirror the options that we get when we tag client invoices.

Wow, this would help us! We take deposits for materials lent out and make an invoice for clients to pay, which is allocated to a liability, then credit note them. We have to go through the rigmarole of deleting the original transaction, but it would be great to just tag the outgoing transaction to an existing credit note from the bank account.

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Thanks for supporting this.

I’m also stuck with a credit note (partial, for a promotional cashback) that I created from the original invoice - which is nicely linked to the original invoice and has appropriate notes added. And then, I have the cashback payment on my banking feed. And I can’t connect these two - which is odd, as it should be the same functionality of a) linking an issued invoice to a received payment, or b) linking a received invoice to an outgoing payment, or whatever other combination. It seems the idea was to “simplify” the process by bundling the tagging of a refund with a creation of a new credit note. A case where a feature is actually a bug. Fixing this doesn’t require any new logic.

Yeah, you will have to delete the entry that came from your bank feed, then find the unallocated payment via “purchases -> view payments” and “refund balance”. This will create a new pre-tagged bank entry for the same amount so your balance will remain correct.

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Thanks Ian, that worked! But it’s a really convoluted way to do it, I’m glad I don’t receive too many credit notes.

I think that’s another vote for this feature but due to the terrible way in which feature requests are tracked this looks to be a feature no-one wants but it does get mentioned in one way or another reasonably often.

I too have got myself in a complete muddle with the process of tagging refunds from bank transactions when relating to supplier accounts. I’m getting lots of support from QF which is great and my learning curve has been steep but I like this feature mentioned above of being able to allocate bank transactions to an already created credit note.
But I am neither a programmer nor an accountant.
Will keep a look out and keep learning!

Please include your votes at the top of this post where there is a counter for votes.

Dear QF buddies. for those who may have missed this feature request, please vote for it if you feel you need it, thanks

Because Credit Notes are issued with a different date to when the refund is actually received through a bank account then I have a bank account in Equity Accounts “Credit Notes/Refunds”. This is a much easier way of managing such payments, for example an adjustment is issued by Cyngor Gwynedd Council for Council Tax with a refund of tax paid. This can be then processed and posted to “Credit Notes/Refunds” so that there is way of monitoring receipt of the refund, with Gwynedd this has so far not happened without a further request for the return of overpaid tax, and if the credit note had not been dealt with at the time then there would not be a way of keeping an eye on the situation. So when eventually the refund comes into a bank account a simple process of a bank transfer to “Credit Notes/Refunds” and then account returns to zero.

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Hello Mathew

Just wondering if QF will implement this feature? There seems to be support for it.


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