Allocate refund to credit note

Hi Glenn & Support

I was wondering if these two things can be added when tagging a refund payment from the bank account?

Regarding showing invoice numbers instead of Date/amount and invoice description, it maybe better to show the invoice number, also on other similar screens i.e. tagging client/supplier payments?

At the moment tagging the refund to an invoice as its shown on the screen also creates a new Credit note, so now I have two credit notes in the system.
I am unable to allocate the refund any other way at the moment.
There is also no option to tag without allocating to anything i.e. payment on account. ( I think we have this for client receipts).

Thank you

Creating a credit note also creates the matching tagged bank transaction so you don’t need to tag anything, just delete theuntagged transaction that duplicates the one the credit note already created.

Thanks Ian, what if the refund is made a day or two later?

Also where refunds are made on the same day, as you say a bank transaction is generated.
But it has different decription then the actual bank transaction. let ssay I delete the actual bank transaction. then the bank feed will keep on downloading the actual bank transaction next day as the feed thinks that transaction is not there.

As a suggestion, QF could have ‘log payment’ option for credit notes. But this will create a duplicate bank transaction, and as I explained above, deleting the actual bank transaction means the bank feed will keep on importing it again and again. (this may not be an issue with QF’s own Barclays feed - i dont know but certainly is with paid bank feeds for other banks).

Hi @Sameera

Bank descriptions can be edited by clicking on the description and changing them. The change is automatically saved (you will see a green tick icon to confirm this).

If the bank feed is automatic, we only look for data since the last refresh. So if it’s refreshed at 2am this morning, and then manually refreshed again at 2pm this afternoon, we’ll only look for new transactions in that period.

Regarding the refund on a different day to the credit note, unfortunately this isn’t possible at the moment.

I had a payment that was imported 3 times every morning, as I had deleted it.
My bank feeds are from Metro.

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Is this through an automatic refresh or a manual refresh? When was it imported (what days), and when did the transaction take place?

You have not mentioned if this can be done or atleast included in the pipeline?

Or was this the reply to it?
Thank you

Automatic refresh every morning

I will send you a private message for further information regarding this as this shouldn’t be the case.

There is nothing in the pipeline at the moment for changes to this area (that I’m aware of).

to be honest this is a standard feature that should be there… rather then additional feature.
The invoice area has all this options but credit note area does not…
I hope some of these changes can be made , even if later.

I have now deleted the credit note that I created and let the system generate the credit note when tagging the refund.
However, I note that I am not able to adjust/edit any writing on the system created credit note. Its a partial refund and accordingly I need to add some notes/comments to the credit note (which I was able to include in the credit note that I had created initially from the invoice).

This issue is indeed strange/odd, ie. how the refund bit works - QF really needs to make it better.
As an accountant I understand the debits and credits, so even indirectly I can handle it. It would be quite complex for non-accountant.

Mine does this as well. I now leave tagging transaction until a few days old bevause of this

It seems this discussion ended in the benk feed issue.

I am still wondering if QF will be able to add ‘allocate to credit note’ option on the client refund tagging screen?

It makes sense to have this option on this screen. I really hope QF will give this a consideration…
Thank you

Hi @Sameera

Like all feature requests, we’re happy to investigate the feasibility of them if there’s enough interest from the community. Your thread is in the right category, so all I can suggest for the moment is to watch this space.

Thank you.

thanks for some hope on this…

This would be a nice addition for me too, seems it should be relatively straightforward to add an option where if the selected client/supplier has any prepayments (which in the QuickFile data model includes credit notes held on account) then you can tag a transaction as a “refund balance”. Though I guess it’s trickier if the amount you want to tag us more than any single credit/prepayment as then you’d have to link one transaction to more than one payment record.

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Thanks for your support Ian :slight_smile:

in simple terms, i think It would mirror the options that we get when we tag client invoices.

Wow, this would help us! We take deposits for materials lent out and make an invoice for clients to pay, which is allocated to a liability, then credit note them. We have to go through the rigmarole of deleting the original transaction, but it would be great to just tag the outgoing transaction to an existing credit note from the bank account.

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