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Unable to create generic Credit Note

Background: A supplier has issued a single credit note covering all of the most recent invoice, which was unpaid, and part of the previous one, which was already paid in full.

If I try to credit the most recent invoice using the correct values I get the error “The credit note amount cannot exceed the remaining balance (£VALUE).”, which is to be expected.

If however I try to create a generic CN as per the instructions, by creating a purchase and entering negative values, the reference number correctly updates to prefix CN but upon saving I get the error message “The value of the purchase must be greater than zero.”

Quickfile isn’t good at credit accounts, hence this feature request; Post credit note directly to account (not to specific invoice)

To cover multiple invoices you’ll have to use one of the many workarounds, either adding the refund as prepayment and applying to to each invoice individually or splitting the refund, either in the bank (don’t recommend doing this if you use bank feeds) or using a holding account.

Thanks Lurch, I agree, but what I’m trying to do is specifically what is documented as the correct method here: Managing credit notes

It sort of does but mixing several methods isn’t “correct” or supported. You’re also trying to do it across multiple invoices so even if it was all paid up or all unpaid it still wouldn’t work as the credit notes are only tied to specific invoices or held on account.

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