Missed a few VAT transactions in Q1

Fudged my tagging in Q1 and missed a few small VATable payments and receipts totalling about £29 of extra VAT owed.

I’ve now correctly tagged the transactions during Q2 and I see the extra money owed in the tax summary for the Q1 period. I’ve subsequently closed my VAT submission for Q2 - does the extra balance for Q1 get included into the numbers for the return in Q2?

Yes. QuickFile should automatically include any invoices/payments (depending if you’re on accrual or cash accounting) that are

  • dated on or before the last day of the quarter you’re filing, and
  • dated on or after your configured “vat start date”, and
  • not already locked by a previous return

If you “export” the backing report from the Q2 return you should see the extra entries in the list there.


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