Missing bank balances in bank feed

Some bank balances are missing from my USD account bank feed. Say, out of every 20 transactions, 7 are missing the bank balance next to it. There is a $3 discrepancy between my Wise account balance and the balance shown in my Quickfile bank feed and due to the missing balances, I can’t track where the error slipped in.
How can I retrieve the missing balances, please?

Hello @Fortis

Sorry to hear you are having issues.

If you have missing transactions on one of you banks you can use the Bank Reconciliation Tool.

Next to the relevant bank, click on the Options menu followed by Reconcile within your bank statement view, you can key in the opening and closing balances from your statement.

QuickFile will then check to see what has been entered and work out any difference that may exist. You can scroll through your statement to see when the balance becomes out of sync and enter the necessary transactions to bring it back inline.


Hi Steve,

Thank you for your very quick reply.

No, there are no missing transactions, but I think I actually answered my own question. It seems that the balance is only given at the end of each day’s activity, and not next to each individual entry. So, if there were 7 transactions on the same day, only the final transaction shows the balance at the end of the day - not a running total throughout the day.

Is there a setting that allows me to opt for seeing the balance next to each entry, as it does on my Wise bank statement? It should make it easier for me to find the $3 discrepancy. I can see on which day it occurred, but there are 5 transactions entered that day, all correct, but if each had a balance next to it, I may be able to pinpoint the culprit.

Do you see what I mean?

Hello @Fortis

Unfortunately there is no setting that can achieve that.

You can however, select the relevant transactions, export to excel and manipulate the balance column to give a running total.

Thank you, Seve.
Exporting to Exel is a good enough workaround, I’ll try that.

Correct - there’s no guarantee that the transactions showing on QuickFile for a given date will necessarily be in the same order as on your bank statement, and there’s no way to fix the order within a single day if it’s wrong.

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