Missing Natwest bank transactions on feed

Good Morning,
It seems i am missing 26 transactions which occurred between 26th Feb and 2nd March.
This is causing big problems as i have just emailed to chase up 20 customers for overdue invoices which they have in fact paid.
How do i sort this out and stop this happening again. (note : this is the second time happening in the last 3 months)
Kind Regards

Have you tried refreshing the feed yourself to see if there are any errors? I have the option to refresh the feed under the more options menu on the bank statement page and I can put a start date in there. Worth trying with 26th Feb as the start date

Hi Spike,

Yes have refreshed multiple times. Unfortunately refresh only goes back 21 days.

Kind Regards

To fix the current issue you will need to import your banks csv statement to add the missing entries. Why its happening I don’t know and probably best for a tech team member to help with that.

What I will say is its prudent to always check your physical bank statements match with quickfile so you don’t end up chasing debts that don’t exist.

Hi @AnthonyBarnes,

Sorry to hear you are having problems with your feed. Could it be that the feed expired? the bank feeds only stay connected for 90 days, after this the consent needs renewing with the bank

Hi Beth

It did expire a while ago but I re connected the feed.

Kind regards anthony

Hi @AnthonyBarnes

If the feed wasn’t connected for a while then it wouldn’t have brought in any transactions as you mentioned you can refresh back a few weeks but anything longer than this will need to either be entered manually or you can upload a bank statement

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