Missing purchase invoices

I’m wanting to tag a payment but QF can’t find the relevant invoice. I’ve checked archived & deleted, also checked the list of invoices by number and by supplier, but can’t find any trace. What I have discovered though is that invoices with 3 consecutive purchase reference numbers are missing. When I enter purchase invoices I make a note of the QF ref no on the original in my file so I know these should be there somewhere! Any ideas, please?

Can you please provide the QF reference numbers you are unable to locate?

QF00202, QF00203, QF00204.
I’ve put some more purchases on the system since then & they show OK.

If there were 3 sequential credit notes following QF00201 then those QF numbers would be skipped and resumed at QF00205. I see a few credit notes on your account so would suspect that is the reason.

Invoices are never physically deleted from QuickFile so if you’re missing a number it would likely be that the CN00## number has taken it’s place.

If it was skipping the numbers that’s one thing, but I have written QF00202 on the paper copy of a purchase invoice that was entered on Quickfile. The ref no was copied off QF once I’d saved the details. There’s no purchase invoice showing as outstanding for that amount so I can’t tag it. I’m not so much missing a number as missing an entry!

There are 3 Credit Notes exactly where those purchase numbers are.

Who is the supplier on the receipt?

UBT (EU) Ltd for QF00202.

Perhaps it wasn’t saved to QF after a number was written on the receipt?

I am very certain that it wasn’t committed to QuickFile. If it had it would 100% be there somewhere, as I say there’s absolutely no way in QuickFile that you can physically delete an invoice, it would only ever mark as deleted, there would always be a trace.

Glenn, how do you get a list as shown above? I’m trawling back & forth to work out what’s missing in my list of purchases and it would be useful to have it in order of date/time created.

It’s pulled directly from our internal systems. I will prepare this on a spreadsheet and send it over to you in the next 20-30 mins. Obviously this will be on a separate private message.

Human error is always a possibility!
As long as it’s not lurking somewhere to jump out at me later, I’ll re-enter it.
Thanks for your help.

Thanks, that will be very useful.
Would it be possible to add this as a feature on QF?

It may even be on QF as a feature, it’s really just a list of invoices & credit notes by entry date. I’m not sure however you can order the invoices by entry number? If not I’ll certainly suggest it to the development team.

It would be good to have as a feature to avoid further confusion - although I dare say most people aren’t as easily confused as I am! I hadn’t realised until you pointed it out that the credit note reference numbers are instead of the purchase invoice reference numbers, not as well as.

I will pass this on to a developer to explore the options. What we may do is add an “Entry Date” to the account backup so you can use this as a way to order all items chronologically.

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