Missing Transactions in Profit & Loss report

When I originally set up the file the trading year ran in line with the fiscal year but I later changed this to run from the 1st April until the 31st March and added two transactions for the 1st April. The problem I have is the profit and loss report is not picking up the transactions for the 1st April which have just been added and I don’t understand why?

Hi @JamesB,

What are the transactions that are missing? If they are invoices, they may still be saved as Drafts rather than saved, this would prevent them from appearing in the P&L?

Hello Beth
They were receipts into a bank account, I raised an invoice and recorded this as paid. However I have been looking deeper into the problem and found that for some reason a different account code was allocated to the payment so it did not appear where I was expecting it to be listed. I think everything is fine now.

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