Missing transactions or no update on bank feed Barclays

On a number of occasions the Yodlee bank feed hasn’t downloaded some transactions.

Hi @balloonraces

What bank is the feed set up for? Do any of the transactions appear in the Raw Yodlee Data tab (More Options >> Bank Feed Settings)?

I can rerun it by re-keying in the login details and it picks them up they aren’t necessarily the last entries either and aren’t duplicates - Barclays

If you have to enter details when you manually run it, this would mean it can’t be run automatically in it’s current state (e.g. I suspect you’ve set it up with pinsentry?)

At the end of the refresh, it should prompt you to enter a start date. If you enter one in the past (to cover the dates of your missing transactions), do they get pulled in then?

yes they do. How do I set up without pinsentry I didn’t have an issue last year with a previous account

If you remove the bank feed, and re-add it back, set it up to use the Memorable Word login rather than pinsentry.

Because of the nature of pinsentry, you need the code in order to login, which obviously the feed doesn’t have. I would suspect your old account used the memorable word if it was automated.

Its strange its saying it logged in at 0441hrs and picked up 2 transactions (according to raw feed) but there is nothing new

In the Raw Yodlee Data tab, you can show a column that lists the import times

If you do this, you should be able to see what 2 transactions were pulled in

Its the top two transactions that took place on the 6th. Its happened a few times where customers have said they have paid and its not shown, then a few days later (not weekends) it will appear either by me forcing the feed to “look” again or like today it appears

Were the transactions showing as “Pending” previously in your online banking account?

no they have been BGC (online faster pay bank transfer)

Let me send you a private message to get a few more details. I’ll raise this with our development team to see what data we receive from Yodlee. However, we may need to defer over to Yodlee’s team to investigate.

Please look for the green notification in the top right hand corner shortly.

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