Missing Transactions


Have recently taken over our account as the subscription was coming to an end.
It lapsed for just over a week, but have now renewed for 12 months.

When I look at our bank account, there are 4 transactions missing on Quick File that appear in our account, 3 payments in and 1 payment out.
I’ve refreshed the feed, but they still don’t appear.

Please can you help to resolve?


Is the feed still active? Maybe you know it already but you have to renew the feed every 90 days.
Are there any transactions after the missing 4 or are those missing transactions the last 4 in your bank account?

When were these transactions made? Just a couple of days ago? Sometimes it takes a while before they are cleared from your bank, and only when they are cleared they will show up in quickfile

Hi @pbushby

Further to what @rhc has said - when you do refresh the feed you can set the date back a few weeks. If this still doesn’t bring in the missing transactions it might be worth disconnecting and reconnecting the account

Taken over the account how?

If the bank feed subscription was linked to whichever account you took it over from then surely you need a new subscription for the account that’s now taken it back over?

Just wanted to share that I use Tide and is ‘playing’ up for me also. One particula transaction took 3/4 days to appear on QF, today I have 2 transaction missing from yesterday and 1 transaction missing from today.
I did refresh the bank feed and it is active. This made no difference.

I have removed the feed now, after reading this post, and it has not worked, yesterday transactions have now transferred over to QF. The transactions are not pending either.

Hi @Mimi

The transactions may not show as pending to you but sometimes they haven’t fully “locked in” in terms of the feed data so they can take up to 3 days to do this

Beth, I understand if they were pending but I stated that they are NOT pending, hence I would expect them to come through overnight or by refreshing bank feed.

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