Missing VAT column on purchases

When we issue a PO it does not allow us to enter a VAT amount even though when we it is printed it shows a VAT column a 0%. I know it is not suppoed to have a VAT amount because its just an committment to purchase how ever when you convert that PO to a Purchase invoice it doesnt allow us to add the VAT there? One of our suppliers insists the VAT should be added on both the PO and the PO invoice is there way around this - they are our biggets supplier and it would be beneficial to us to accomodate them to a certain degree.

Regarding missing VAT on purchase invoices check here (there’s usually two reasons for this):


You shouldn’t be adding VAT on Purchase Orders as it’s for your supplier who is responsible for determining VAT amounts not the client. You can’t ask a supplier to invoice you with x amount of VAT as they are liable to HMRC to calculate and levy VAT not you.

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