Missing VAT details on HMRC form!

This is my second time using Quickfile, the first was very straightforward, quick and easy. However, in filling the latest quarterly VAT return, the sum that appears on the VAT form ‘automatically’ (No 7 Total value of purchases exc VAT) is almost half the amount that appears in the quarter period shown in my Quickfile.

Dates for the quarter period are all correct and I can’t find a combination of costs shown in Quickfile that would add up to the one shown on the VAT form. I am using cash accounting and all invoices are marked as fully paid.

I have made two deletions of one invoice which show up in the deleted folder and obviously these do not figure in any costing.

Hello @symo

Are you on vat cash accounting?

If so the invoice values will not show on the vat return until the payment dates

If you need further help with this please send me a private message with your company name, account number and details of what is missing from the return and I will take a look for you

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