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Mobile App needed its 2019 soon and should be standard


I mentioned check in my last post - on another topic to be able to accept Cheques through the Cash Register an additional box in “Advanced Features” for allocating cheques "“Cash Register - Cheque Depositing Account” would be useful so that cheques can be accounted for prior to the bank receives for clearing of the funds.


I agree that a responsive website for both user and customer would be the best option, at least then we can carry out all that we need to from any device. Possible offer the option of push notifications from the browser too, so that if you need to be notified of payment or accepted quotes, these can be triggered through to the users device.


We are now looking to bring in some specialist expertise to push forward with mobile. So we should see some progress in 2019.


Thats good news, if only mobile invoicing. That would be a huge benefit.


I assume an app would be at the cost of the app user and not across the board, I am always happy to pay for something I use but not for something I don’t need.


Any chance of an IOS/android QuickFile app?

I’m with Rob on this one, I am not interested in an app and even if you did make the best app in the world I wouldn’t use it as I use my telephone for making and receiving phone calls. That’s not to say you can’t make one, but I’d be disappointed to see my subscriptions go up because the app cost a fortune to develop and maintain.


I am happy to pay/charge my customers extra for an app. It is useful to some and sure they dont mind paying extra for it.


This is great news.

I understand the general sentiment here about not wanting an app and instead have the resources focused on making the core product better.

I work as a live sound engineer and get paid in cash on the night. As a consequence I do the vast majority of my invoicing on mobile devices as I don’t carry a laptop to my gigs.

While the QuickFile site works just fine in a mobile browser, it is cumbersome to use on mobile devices. I have to do an awful lot of pinch zooming and scrolling around the screen to get to the right places. In particular tick boxes are hard to hit in the right place without zooming in. And I don’t exactly have a tiny device: the Gemini PDA with a 6" landscape screen.

A QuickBooks or Fresh Agent style mobile app would be ideal, but I’ll settle for a mobile friendly version of the site, with invoicing being the most important part.

I’d be happy to beta test any mobile developments so don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re in need of testers.


The obvious way around this would be to charge extra for access to mobile apps as a premium feature.


We have hired a full time developer to work on Android / iOS apps. The initial release will cover receipt capture, which will work like a mobile version of the Receipt Hub. It will be possible therefore to capture and tag receipts from your iOS or Android device.

In the second phase of development we will be adding some read-only invoice and bank viewing capabilities. We will then move onto invoice / estimate creation later in the year.

We need to implement this in stages as it’s a very complex tax. We are trying to prioritise those use cases where mobile is more convenient, i.e. receipt capture, quick viewing of documents etc.

The app will likely be rolled into the Power User Subscription, with the Android and iOS version hopefully launching at the same time.


Wow, actual app development? That’s even better news!

I completely understand the need to do this in stages, however I would argue that invoice creation, rather than reading is a case where mobile access is more convenient.

Everybody’s use of QuickFile will be completely different, of course, but personally I extremely rarely need to scan receipts, and I hardly ever use QuickFile on my mobile device to read existing invoices. It’s the creation of invoices when out and about that causes me the most trouble as that is how I generate the bulk of them.

One thing I’d like to request is support for landscape mode right from the start. This is how the Planet Computers Gemini (and forthcoming Cosmo) are designed to be used. but even on my regular Android phone I often use landscape mode which effectively acts as a zoom mode due to the increased horizontal screen real estate. This, combined with the physical keyboard of the Gemini and Cosmo, makes data entry infinitely easier than the fiddly touch screen keyboards of regular phones. I’m more than happy to help testing the UI on the Gemini.

As for the Power User Subscription requirement, I will gladly switch to this in order to get access to the mobile apps as this is a really valuable premium feature.


Would you consider the three phases of developing the Mobile App as three separate app’s, or the facility to limit which parts of the QF App an operative can view. The previous Receipt Capture App that was only supported for iPhone was a great little tool.

By separating them into three app’s it would be easier to distribute the right tool to appropriate operative;

  1. Receipt Capture - for those with authority to make purchases
  2. Banking/Invoice View (read only) - limited to the appropriate manager(s)
  3. Estimate/Invoice Creation - for those operatives working out in the field

Also the training that would be required would be reduced if they are three separate app’s that would provide a splendid toolbox.