Mobile App updates - Banking and Biometrics

We’re pleased to announce a significant update to our mobile app that brings new banking visibility and biometric security, along with a host of smaller improvements. Version 2.18 will be rolling out to the Android and iOS app stores in the coming days.

Here’s a brief roundup of what’s new…


From the left hand menu you can now access the new banking area in the app. You will see a list of your bank accounts and respective balances, you can then tap the account to pull up the statement view.

Within the statement view you will be able to filter your transactions by description, dates and amounts. The banking section will give you full visibilty of all your accounts across different categories and currencies.

Biometric Security

One of the most popular requests we’ve received since we first launched the app has been to allow for additional security with biometric authentication methods such as Face and Fingerprint ID. We are pleased to be able to offer these options in our latest release. Just head over to the settings area to enable biometric security (providing your device supports this), you will be prompted to enter and confirm a passcode which can be used as a fallback if the biometric option is unavailable for any reason.

User Interface Improvements

We’ve made a number of smaller improvements to the user interface, extending the menu and providing additional shortcuts on the app launcher icon.

To improve the performance of the app we’re now caching more data on your device. This should make supplier and client selection quicker when you’re creating new purchase records and sales invoices. This update includes a number of other small userability improvements to help you get things done quicker.

Future development

We would like to hear your thoughts on future development, if you have any suggestions on what you’d like us to include on the app or any feedback on existing features we’d love to hear more. Just add your comments below…

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The updates look very useful additions to the Mobile App, unfortunately as I am based in France I have found that Google Play does not allow the installation of the app. (something to install next time in the UK).

Without looking at the apps capabilities an area that I see that could be streamlined is the creation of a new client.

An operative is visiting a site to assess the work involved (issue an Estimate) or undertaking work ordered (issue an Invoice) for a new client. If there was some sort of “Welcome” SMS message / email sent to the new client with a link to complete their contact details which would transpose to the creation of a client record the issuing of the estimate/invoice would be a much easier process whilst still on site. Without this facility there are quite a few steps before being able to send the details to a customer.

An idea for you to consider as an additional feature.

I’ve extended coverage to include France (not sure how long that will take to appear), it will be extended to other countries in due course but was originally restricted to the UK while beta testing.

The app allows you to create a client inline with an estimate but currently there’s no way to create a client independently, we’ll add that feature shortly.

In regards to having an email/sms sent to a new client for completion of details, while possible I just wonder if that may create a disjointed flow? By this I mean that it will require the user to complete that step before an invoice / estimate is created. Happy to consider ideas around that though.

You could maybe send a UUID for every request that expires after say 30 days, so you could attach new invoices/quotes to that UUID in the interim.

Only problem I see is the issue of most emails ending up in peoples junk folder, would be handy if that could be eliminated before adding more reliance on email?

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I have had a search in Google Play via PC and found your app, but getting message “This app is incompatible with all of your devices.”. I have an Android 5.1 dual sim phone and a Nexus 7, both a few years old. Also searched directly in Google Play on my phone and then did not find the app. So for the moment will not be having a go with the mobile app.

Will it work with Affinity accounts?

@alan_mcbrien I’m afraid we only support Android version 6.0 and up.

@Robert-M8073 There is no support right now for accessing all accounts on Affinity through a single login. We will be looking at this shortly though.

Dear Glenn,

could you please open to Italy as well? I’ve had to change location of google play to download an important app and now I can’t roll back to UK for 12 months!! thank you so much!

@dvdrmn just to let you know we’ve whitelisted Italy along with a number of other European countries. Hope that helps!

Thank you very much!

How long will it take before it will be actually open for download? (I still get the “you can’t download it in your country” message).

Cheers for all the work you do, quickfile literally changed my life (I used to do my CT in Excel before!!!)

I’m not sure if it goes off to Google for review when we add more countries? Although I would have expected it to be live by now. Please let me know if that’s not the case?

Here’s the direct link

You’re more than welcome!

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I’m in the UK (North Wales) and I’m getting the same message Alan and dvdrmn were having: “Not available in your country” - on both of my Android (EE) phones.
[Perhaps because I bought them both in Hong Kong?]
Is there a workaround - or an APK file?

Hi @OWLS_Global

Sorry to hear you are having problems with downloading our app. It sounds like it might be an issue with your Google account settings, it could be set to a different country. This would be the first thing to check to ensure this is set up correctly.

Let us know how you get on

Thank you, Support Team. I think you’ve found the problem.
Google won’t allow me to change because my PayPal and credit card accounts are still based in Hong Kong.
I appreciate your prompt reply. When I’m ready to switch to a UK credit card, I’ll know how to proceed. For now, I’m afraid, downloading the mobile app will have to remain on hold.
Thanks again for sterling service.