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Mobile invoice view


Just had a customer complain that the invoice they have viewed doesn’t show any detail. They sent a screen shot of the mobile friendly invoice (function which I have switched on) it is only showing product codes and line total, no description . Have been in and switched it off insettings and asked them to view on a desktop; but looking at preview example it says it should show as description and price which would be sufficient but this is not being shown. Please help


Hi @Bagso

I will raise this with our development team as I’m unsure what the intended behaviour is here.

The client can however view the full invoice on mobile if they wish. If they click on “More Options”, they’ll see the following options:



We have had the same problem recently as well. I will be watching in hope it can resolved.


@Bagso @cjoplumb

This should now be resolved. Why further issues, please let me know

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