Mobile version of Invoice missing client address


I’m getting reports from clients that when they view their invoices using a mobile device, their details (Client Name and Address) are not visible. However when they look at the invoice on a desktop their details are there.

Please can the CSS for mobile be changed to include display of the Client Name and Address?

Hi @Stephen_Greenslade

I don’t believe this is currently pulled through on the mobile template. I will however ask one of my colleagues to look into this and confirm, and perhaps suggest a way of enabling it with some custom CSS if it’s just hidden.

We’ll come back to you shortly.

Many thanks guys.
I totally appreciate that the mobile template will show less information.
Perhaps if it just displayed the Client Name (hiding the address) that would be enough for me.



We can certainly update the mobile view to show the recipient’s company name, although it’s probably better to stop at the address, so as not to push the content too far down the screen.

We have this in our short term planner so it should be updated within 1 week.

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Thanks. That would be brilliant.

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