Modifiying the payment attached to incorrect bank account

How do I select multiple invoices to change the payment from/to other account?

Hello @betty

You cant do this unfortunately.

You can however move the balance of the invoices from one bank to another using a bank transfer

for example

  • 3x paid sales invoices for £100 = 300 money in on bank A
  • Post a money out transaction on account A for the £300
  • Tag it as a bank transfer to account B

If you’re talking about moving a single lump payment transaction from one bank account to another, you may be able to do this by clicking through to the payment record itself (there’s various routes to this, you can either use the link at the top of one of the invoices that the payment is assigned to, or find the original bank transaction in the “wrong” bank, click the tagged button and follow the “payment” link in the popup).

On the payment screen there’s a section at the top right with payment date, reference, method and account, and the method and account fields are editable via the little pencil icon.

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