Modify Bank account causing a Chart of Accounts error

From the Bank Accounts page I selected the Modify button which opens the “Modify Bank Account” page
so I could tick the box "Show bank account summary on the dashboard"
After saving it I could not longer access the Chart of Accounts
I remembered when this happened before (when changing the spelling of my banks name) so I checked my journals and found that the system had auto created an extra journal entry on the original opening bank balance journal.
The extra entry was to the “Suspense Account” unbalancing that journal so the chart of accounts and balance sheet became unavailable

Deleting that extra journal entry corrects the problem but its a bug that needs addressing.

Thank you for letting us know about this. I wasn’t able to replicate this on my own test account but I checked the logs and I was able to see this happening with one of your bank opening balances.

I don’t know at this stage why this is happening on your account but I’ve passed this over to a developer to be looked at on Monday morning. I will report back as soon as I know more.

Just a quick one to let you know that this has now been solved.

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