Modify client when raising invoice

I used to be able to modify a client by clicking on the name whilst, say, raising an invoice. But now it will not let me. So I have to go into supplier/client, search, modify. It’s a real pain - please can you tell me how I can revert to modifying by just clicking on the name.

The same has happened where I cannot now click on the red flag for sent invoice, this has been disabled too.

We’ve not made any changes here recently. It has never been possible to modify supplier or client records from within the invoicing screen. You can create new supplier records here but not modify existing ones.

You can click on the following box and this will take you to the supplier detail screen. You can also click on the blue modify link, but this is for changing the supplier rather than modifying any of their particulars.


Yes, this is what I can no longer do - I can no longer amend by clicking on the supplier. In addition, I can no longer mark an invoice as sent by clicking on the red flag. Have I locked the screen by accident? How can I get it back please?

I think I may know the issue. Have you disabled pop up dialogues for QuickFile? When you click on the client/suppliers name, or flag an invoice to be sent, a confirmation dialogue will appear. If you’ve blocked these, the links won’t work.

If you could let me know what browser you’re using too, I’ll try and explain how to check and allow them

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I think I may have done…

That’s odd!

When did this start happening? What browser are you using?

Also about the “red flag”, I’m not following you here, where is the red flag?

What browser are you using? We’ll see if we can get this working again for you! :smile:

@Glenn - I think @WesternLion means this one:

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OK - so, when preparing a customer invoice, a dialogue box came up. I ticked the box as I did not think it was relevant and since then (earlier today), I have not been able to click on or amend clients.

I’m using Google Chrome.

Regarding the red flag, once an invoice has been typed, I click on preview and send and at the top of the screen, there is a red flag that used to mark the invoice as sent. But now when I click on it, it does not work. So I have to go into sales, into invoices and mark them individually as sent.

OK so this one has been checked:

If you completely close and re-open Chrome that should fix it for you.

Fabulous! Thank you.