Modifying the Delivery Note template CSS

The new Delivery Note feature is great, although I need to change the style to match our other paperwork.
I have been following the guidance in the Knowledge Base with a custom CSS style and, although I’ve been successful in hiding various sections and changing ‘INVOICE’ to ‘DELIVERY NOTE’, I cannot work out how to remove the unwanted 'Unit Cost ’ and ‘Total’ columns, nor the ‘Due Date’ row.

I could probably work it out if I had a copy of the default ‘delnote.css’ style sheet. Otherwise, advice is very welcome.

On my delivery note template, I don’t have unit cost and total showing. And Delivery Note is displayed as default.

Can you confirm how you’re accessing the delivery note please? There may be an easier way :slight_smile:

If I use the default Delivery Note template (accessed via ‘View as Delivery Note’ under ‘More Options’ in the invoice screen), everything is as it is designed to be. But the ‘Delivery Note’ text is very faint for some reason and I want to change the layout to suit the Invoice template that I use (Contemporary).
I am following the instructions on the Quickfile knowledge base at
That is, I have created a CSS style sheet for my delivery note template and pointed the software to this in the applicable setting in ‘Advanced Features’.

Rightio, to hide Unit Cost, can you try:

.thItems3, .tdItems3 { display: none; }

Totals box:

.invoice-footer-tbl { display: none; }

Line Total:

.thItems6, .tdItems6 { display: none; }

Due Date:

.tr-invoice-details-duedt { display: none; }

VAT Column:

.thItems5, .tdItems5 { display: none; }

Give those a try. I’ve tried it on the invoice itself, but not the actual delivery note. Let me know how you get on :slight_smile:

Many thanks indeed :smile:

These work well on my customised style sheet, giving the expected results.
However, I am seeing one or two other anomalies, which mostly seem to be related to the default Delivery Note template and not to my custom one.

Therefore I will do some more research and testing before reporting back here in a day or two. Since this is a new feature it is quite possible that I am experiencing a few glitches that still need to be ironed out. That’s not a criticism, by the way; Quickfile is a phenomenal system!

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