Monthly sales report

Hi, I’m looking for a report which shows total monthly sales by customer per month or a a set period. I’ve tried looking at custom reports but can’t see anything.

Hello @smoothprint

You can do an advanced search which can show you the values for a given period. This can be done by going to Sales >> View clients, then click Advanced Search.

This will reveal a number of options:

Ticking any of these boxes will then reveal an option to enter a date range. Then just click Submit search to view your results.

I hope this helps!

Excellent, many thanks. Is there an option to export data more than 50 results? I have to export multiple times to get full data.

There isn’t I’m afraid. For these values it’s limited to 50 per page for performance reasons.

Most data however can be extracted in bulk (e.g. a list of clients, list of invoices), but because these ones relate to a date range, it’s not possible to do it at more than 50 per page.

Although, if you were looking for the biggest spenders for example, you can order the results by these columns by clicking on the headings. Not sure if that would help?

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