Monzo Bank Feed- new transactions not appearing


I’m having trouble with my Monzo bank feed, which has been working no problem for over two years. The last transaction that has imported was on the 28th of July, and refreshing the feed does not import the transactions that have occurred since then.

I have tried renewing the connection etc., but am not keen to remove the feed and start again in case all of my data/tags for the last two years vanish (is this what would happen?).

All help much appreciated!

you can delete the feed without losing your data in quickfile. Just create a new one and connect it to the same bank account in quickfile and everything should work as before.
You may have to download your transactions from 28/7 to today and upload it to quickfile via a csv file.

Hope this helps

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Hi, thanks for your response. I’m afraid I’m still not managing to solve the problem.

Do you mean completely delete the bank account then set it up again? If so, how can I do that? All I have managed to do so far is to deactivate the feed.

Hello @R_Gray

If you have deactivated the feed, set up the feed again so it is given a fresh authorisation.

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