More customisation of Purchase Orders

hi all, this is my first time on the site and wondered if anyone could assist. I need to amend the layout of the Purchase Order please help !!! I have been at this for a while and tried all sorts


What specifically do you need to amend?

hi thank you i would like to add a few columns and adding our VAT and Company Registration number.

Many thanks again

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We have basic CSS support for Purchase Orders but unfortunately there’s no option to change the layout in terms of adding new elements.

You could potentially add this information to the notes section.

For now I’ll convert this to a feature request so we can track interest going forward.

I am unable to see a way of showing our company registration number on a purchase order, other than adding it as a note. Some suppliers insist on this, and I would have thought it should be on as standard?

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Hi @Stuarth

I’ve merged your post with a similar request (above), to make it easier to track the interest in this feature.

At the moment however, this isn’t supported at the moment I’m afraid.

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Hi just wondered if it was possible to add on quickfile pos our vat number and com reg no please

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Hello @Asmaa

I’ve merged your post into the original feature request. There hasn’t been any changes here I’m afraid. But we’ll continue to monitor the interest in this here.

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Just another vote for being able to add information as we are being asked for VAT numbers.


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another vote for this. I am using this for mileage it would be great to have it like the invoice so it has an option for price per unit then no of units and calculates the total on each line

Another vote for this, please. Looks pretty amateur without the basic requirements of a purchase order. As well as a footer for company reg, VAT number, a field for quotation reference near the top would be good.

Invoice customisation is great.

Adding a ‘me too’ to this. We’d like to ensure our standard company footer info (address, reg number, vat number, etc) that’s already present on our quotes and invoices is included on our POs. At the moment a PO from us looks a bit bare and multiple companies have in the past requested that we add information to the PO such as company number, our account number with the supplier, etc. I also need to add additional reference numbers e.g the customer’s PO so that when I order from a supplier and have something shipped directly to the end user they know what it is and can look it up on their finance system.

Another vote for being able to customise purchase orders. All I want to do is change ‘Receipt No’ to ‘Purchase order no’.

Where are you seeing Receipt No on purchase orders?