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More obvious estimate Accept/Decline buttons for clients on mobile

To help my customers accept the estimates I send to them could the dropdown list name shown when the customer clicks on the emailed link be changed from OPTIONS to ACTIONS.

The word OPTION is being taken to mean its not important and don’t need to look at it. So I get customers saying they cant find the Accept button

The word ACTION implies they need to do something and is a more relevant and appropriate word for the situation.

With estimates we discussed displaying those Accept / Decline options outside the menu on the mobile view. We believe this will be a better and clearer approach than renaming the menu button.

It’s a job that’s on our list, I will get it moved forward for you.

Just a quick note to say we’ve updated the mobile estimate view to place the Accept/Decline buttons outside the menu.

Thanks Glenn, I did actually respond kindly to the emails in this ticket several times but it seems the reply does not get added to the ticket. I have 2 other suppliers that use this feature so I thought it would get through. Anyway, many thanks for the change

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