More then one Worldpay account

I would like to integrate Worldpay in Qucikkbooks. I am using 2 accounts with Worldpay since more than 20 years, one for GBP and USD CAD and AUD payments and a 2nd one for Euro payments.
Can I integrate both of them?
Will Quickbook use the WOrldpay exchange rate?
Sorry for my english, I am german
Thank a lot in advance

I forgot I have as well to integrate 3 Paypal accounts and a german and a french bank account, is this possilbe?

Hi @kgar

I’m assuming you mean QuickFile rather than Quickbooks? :slight_smile:

Unfortunately we only support a link with one WorldPay account at the moment.

Were you looking to take payment with the 3 PayPal accounts, or just pull in transactions?