Move items from Suspense account

I have just looked at my P & L account and in the suspense account is quite a bit. What does this mean? It also have each item 3 times.

Hi @Debpaul

The suspense account is made up of a few things, here are a few:

To check untagged entries, if you go to your bank account screen you should see the number of untagged items shown.

Clicking this will reveal a list of all those transactions. Once you tag them, they should disappear from the suspense account.

It’s all tagged but still in there! Not sure what to do now. I put my receipts and daily takings in then downloaded my bank statements because I didn’t realise you could do that at first. Now I have so many double and triple entries.

I’ve tagged all but there are double and triple entries in there and it won’t let me delete them,

Hi @Debpaul

If you click the question mark on that row, it’ll bring up more details. For example, the one I’ve highlighted is the balancing figure from a current account. When I tag it, it’ll be removed.

If you need further help, send me a private message (click my name and then ‘Message’) with your account number