Moving Affinity Clients from one account to another


I am changing my accountancy practice from sole trader to Limited Company wef 1st July 2018. I have set up a separate account for the Limited Company and have migrated the clients and suppliers over.

Can you tell me how I (or you) can migrate the following:

  1. All my active clients under my current affinity account to a new one in the Limited Company name (if required)
  2. Migrate my Power Subscription over from my sole trader to Limited Company
  3. Does the bank feed subscription with Yodlee need migrating at your end or do I stop one and start another ?

Many thanks


Hello @Echohead

As there are no financial records on the Affinity account you can simply continuing to use the same account. We can update the details on the account though if you wish - just send me a private message and we’ll sort this for you.

You may also need to cancel and re-setup the direct debit (if you have one) so it comes from the correct bank account.

As above, we can do this for you - just let me know the account numbers in a private message

We can move the subscription over for you, but you would need to set it up again on the new account.

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