Moving items around on invoice

Hi. I notice on most invoice templates that the sender address is on the left and recipient is on the right.
How do I swap these around as the envelopes have a window on the left

Hi @Kevin_Gravill

You should be able to do this with a bit of tweaking with the CSS on the invoice styling.

If you preview an invoice, and then select the green “Invoice style gallery” in the top left, this will reveal the template selector:
Then select “Customise this style” on one of the templates:

You can edit the CSS there to adjust the positioning of most things on the invoice. So to swap the addresses, you can just edit two parts:

Look for .senderAddressDetails
Change float: left; to float: right;

Look for .recipientAddressDetails
Change float: right; to float: left;

And then click “Apply changes” to see how it looks. And hopefully, that will do the trick :wink:

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