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Moving items in purchase tax control account to VAT return


I know that creating a VAT return will automatically transfer the balances in the purchase and sales tax control account to the VAT liability for supplier and sales invoices.

However, I manually journalled some employee expenses to (eg) travelling and purchase tax control account. I have since realised this purchase tax is NOT picked up by the VAT return calculation. I need to correct 3 quarters worth - best way of doing this?



VAT returns in QuickFile only take data from sales and purchase invoices. The simplest way to fix things would be to delete the journals and record the same data as proper purchases dated for the same dates. These will then be picked up and included automatically in your next VAT return.



OK thanks some of the VAT periods are locked so I will create a virtual bank account, bill to that and journal the old VAT entries out.



Journals won’t be locked by VAT returns, only by year end locks, so you should still be able to delete your old journals unless they’re prior to your last year end and you’ve already locked that year.


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