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Mtd for income tax, sending open banking authentication requests

A number of accountants are discussing ways in which we can streamline Mtd for income tax for each of our clients when it comes in to force in April 23.

One of the concerns raised is the number of open banking feed reauthenrications we will need to process for every client, every 90 days.

Its unworkable to have each and every client attend the office every 3 months and so a remote solution is being saught.

One accountant is currently in beta stage with being able to send an sms to a client, inviting them via link to re authenticate their bank feeds.

This has lead me to post a future feature request in the hope that quickfile can see the potential problems accountants may face and consider implementing a system where affinity users can send a request directly to a contact to re authenticate the feeds. Or slightly change the way quickfile handles sending notifications of expiring bank feeds to be able to send them directly to a nominated email, phone number or even just allow you to copy and paste the relevant link. But ultimately some sort of automation that will notify those who have to renew the feed rather than us the accountant in charge of the quickfile account.

If you require further answers or explanations of my proposal I’d be happy to discuss.

As a recent concert to quickfile and affinity, I am not averse to receiving an email reminder on behalf of and as well as the client. I would like to keep a note of their approval on file, whether the client let’s me know by email, text or recorded message.
I believe we may have to hand hold until an automated solution is found.
MTD for ITSA will be a challenge but Quickfile looks a really good solution for a lot of my clients.

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Yes I didn’t think of that. A confirmation that the client has renewed the feed would also be good and save a lot of time checking every client account.

Would be better requesting with HMRC that all these “re-authenticate every 90 days” things were dropped. VAT and banking used to be simple, since the government have stepped in and improved everything it is a nightmare.

I agree. But they don’t listen to anyone as is evident with this. They just consult people with no real world experience

It’s not really HMRC you’d need to lobby, it’s the information commissioner - the 90 days thing is driven by GDPR, making sure that anyone who is processing important personal data like bank details has specific, informed and recent consent to do so.