MTD problems - Not authorised to view this report

We have two businesses running Quickfile both VAT registered. My vat return is due to be completed at the end of this month, I believe that I have done all the necessary completions but when I tried to look I get this error message. “You are not yet authorised to view this report for the VRN 314 9043 21 . Please ensure your VAT number is correct and you have connected the corresponding HMRC Tax Account. If you have recently enrolled on the MTD scheme please allow 24 hours for HMRC systems to update”. I have logged onto my gateway account and it states that this is set up but as an agent do you have any ideas where I could have gone wrong.

Hello @sme

The error usually relates to the connected HMRC account not being authorised for that VAT number (e.g. wrong account or not MTD enabled).

Agent accounts aren’t supported through the individual QuickFile accounts, but rather through Affinity (our platform for accountants).

You may be able to submit your VAT return through an individual account rather than an agent. Do you have another HMRC account for the individual VAT number rather than an agent?

Thank you for coming back to me. I have two accounts with HMRC one for SME Systems and the other for SME Displays I have logged onto both SME Systems is set up fine and I do not have a problem with this but I cannot see anywhere on this logon for being able to do a return for Displays. Do you recommend contacting HMRC.

It may be best to speak to HMRC (their VAT Helpline will be able to help), and they should be able to confirm what account is registered for what on their end.

Hello Mathew

I have spoken with HMRC helpline and they have informed me that the problem lies with Quickfile the gentleman says “your software provider needs to authorise it so we can use MTD” help I am really confused we had no problem with our other company in the set up and I do apologise for bothering you. Do you have any ideas what they may be talking about.


The error relates to one of the following:

  • The company with that VAT number isn’t enrolled on HMRC
  • That connected HMRC account isn’t linked to submit MTD VAT returns for that VAT number, or
  • There’s an issue on HMRC’s side

You mention when you log into the account on the HMRC site you see it’s registered as an agent. Does this manage multiple VAT accounts? Agent accounts can only be linked through Affinity.

The company is enrolled I have an acknowledgement letter from HMRC.
Not sure what you mean about being linked I have two HMRC accounts one each company.
On their website it states you need to authorise your software.

I think it is somehow linked to SME Systems but could not be sure, when I logged on to SME Systems account there was no mention of it being linked to SME Displays. How do I link it through it Affinity (what is Affinity?)

If you have two separate companies each with its own QuickFile account and its own Government Gateway account that is registered for that company’s MTD then it’s no different from the case of two unrelated companies run by two different people - you just need to make sure that each QuickFile account is linked to the correct gateway account. Remember to actively log out of one gateway account before you start the process of connecting the other QuickFile, or it might just pick up your existing gateway session and try connecting both QuickFile accounts to the same HMRC one.

Yes this may have been the case, but how do I rectify it. The helpline was not really helpful but it looks like I will have to try again to see if it is linked on one account.

Hi @sme

Disconnecting the HMRC account from your QuickFile account and re-connecting it may help.

As @ian_roberts mentions above, it would be the same as if you were 2 separate people running 2 separate businesses. Each one is likely to have it’s own HMRC account which you would link to the relevant QuickFile account.

Hi @sme,

How did you get on with connecting the other gateway account? Have you managed it successfully now?

Hi Beth

Yes it is connected to another gateway my own personal one, I think it happened when I was doing my own tax return. I have not yet found the way to transfer it from my gateway account to SME Displays gateway account I expect I will have to phone them again and hopefully they can help, unless of course you know of an easier way as I spent 35 minutes on hold to them yesterday and the gentleman although polite was not really that helpful.


Hi @sme,

Unfortunately that is the only way I know to sort anything with HMRC is to contact the VAT helpline. There is a webchat - so whether this would be easier for you?

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