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MTD query

Hi I am registered at HMRC for MTD however by QF account does not seem to recognise this, it keeps on asking me to go to HMRC. I could easily be missing something.
Please advise

Hello @ideas4learning

Where are you seeing the error message? Are your QuickFile and HMRC accounts connected?

It does not look like they are connected, although I have done the necessary at HMRC.
Its not an error message just:
Before you can use the MTD features you must first link your HMRC Tax Account to QuickFile.
So I am wondering what I am not doing!
Sorry this may be obvious to you

No need to apologise!

If you go to Reports >> HMRC, you can link your accounts there. It will take you through the process to log into HMRC directly and authorise QuickFile to submit the returns through MTD.

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Many thanks all sorted.

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