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Hi My MTD registration has expired due to the 18 month duration limit. I have disconnected the old registration in Quickfile. I am now trying to re-connect my Quickfile account to my VAT account. The guide states “confirm link on HMRC Authentication pages” but there is no link when I login via the Government Gateway.
On the Government Gateway there is a facility to add an agent to submit VAT returns. For this an Agent ID is needed. Is that where Quickfile should be specified and if so what is your Agent Id ?


Hi @neillybeg

The agent ID only applies to accountants or bookkeepers that would submit VAT returns on your behalf.

Any connections with HMRC can be found by going to Reports >> HMRC, where it will also show if it’s all OK or needs attention.

Hi Mathew Thanks for clarifying that Agent ID is not relevant. I have tried many times to connect my Quickfile account to HMRC. Quickfile “+Connect” leads to HMRC page “Authority to interact with HMRC on your behalf” but when I login to the Government Gateway I don’t see any links to confirm the connection between Quickfile and HMRC. Do I need to remove the authority from the HMRC side or will that make it worse ?

Are you definitely logging in with the right Government Gateway user ID? Some people have separate ones for their VAT and for other taxes, you must use the one that is registered for MTD against your VAT number.

Thanks for suggesting I check that Ian.

I only have one government gateway Id and on that I can see my previous MTD submissions. As I mentioned, is it possibly that I need to remove the Authority for QuickFile on Gateway side?

Spotted what I was doing wrong… the HMRC page " Authority to interact with HMRC on your behalf" has a “continue” button under “If you’re an agent” so had thought that would be incorrect but using it actually re-enables the API link to HMRC. Sorted now. Thanks for you support Mathew and Ian.

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